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The Importance of Creating a Unique Selling Proposition in the Highly Competitive Market

By Elena Herweyer | Apr 18 2021

When you buy anything, there's a reason why you choose a specific product or brand instead of its competitor — and most often, it has less to do with the product itself and a lot more to do with their marketing. Why you choose that product (or why that brand stands out to you) is called its unique selling proposition. People and their wants or needs are different, and so are products. You'd approach specific people in a bar, club or Tinder — and your reasons for why you chose that person at that time? That's their unique selling proposition.

Here's more about how unique selling propositions can be your product, brand or service's hook — and why it's okay to admit you need a little help to get it right as a newcomer.

What is a Unique Selling Proposition?
Unique selling propositions are what make one product or brand different from another. Often, it's what defines the entire brand — with a combination of efficient logo design, graphic design, branding and content marketing to create the bigger picture which tells people: Buy me. Nike is one of the most effective examples of a unique selling proposition: Just do it.

Most people who hear this — surprisingly, in most parts of the world — will know that it's associated with Nike and know the logo that's associated with it.

That's pretty effective.

It should also tell you exactly what a unique selling proposition is and why your brand needs one that works.

How a Great Unique Selling Proposition Works
Why do people still continue to shell out thousands of dollars per year on video games, board games, comic books, movies and online subscriptions? Because they want to — and because effective marketing makes them want to.

A great unique selling proposition also answers the question of WHY someone picks a specific product or service rather than another one they had the choice of getting.

What about a brand like Rockstar Games, makers of games like Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt? Arguably, their unique selling propositions are based around the controversy most of these games created around their release (and the level of "sandbox exploration" interactivity characteristic of their studio's creations).

What's yours?

Needing a Little Help is OK
When it comes to marketing, you would be surprised (or not!) to find out that most of the companies who do it right (including huge ones like Coca-Cola) outsource the job.

Coca-Cola doesn't rely on the guys who own the recipe to do the marketing. That wouldn't work: Instead, that's what a reliable marketing agency is for.

Things like logo design, marketing, digital marketing, content marketing and branding all go to a marketing agency, sometimes freelance, working for or with these bigger companies—and these partnerships between companies are what makes it work.

Find a good marketing agency that can help you to find or build your brand's unique selling proposition up to heights matching up with the behemoths. If you compare companies by sheer marketing success rates, then it's obvious who comes out on top and why you'll need a good marketing agency as your partner in the promotion.

Having the right unique selling proposition is the most cost-effective, efficient, and smart way to stand out in the marketplace and have an edge over all your competitors. It will save you on your marketing efforts in the long run because your USP carries the brand or product forward on its own. It would also generate an enormous ROI for very little effort.
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