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The Secret to Unlocking Effective Marketing Communication

By Michela Quilici | Jan 12 2022

Ponder this… You go into a grocery store looking for jam and you walk down the jam aisle that has five rows of jam jars – there are at least 50 different types – but they are all just jam. Some don’t have labels, some are in opaque jars instead of clear ones (so you can’t see what’s inside), some have labels written in a language you don’t understand – how will you decide which jam is the perfect one for you at this moment?
It’s the same in your business. In order to stand out from the competition and really be seen and heard for who you truly are, you need to be crystal clear and compelling with the words and visuals you are using in your marketing communications. Your marketing communication represents who you are in the marketplace.
There is only one key question that you need to ask yourself in order to sense-check whether or not your message is landing:
Is my intention of having the resounding impact that I expect from my target audience?
If the answer is NO, then you’ve got some refinement to do.
Here are three key questions to consider in your exploration of intention vs. impact:
  1. If you use different words, colours or images, how would that shift the impact?
  2. If you change the delivery style of your message, how would that alter the way your message is received?
  3. If you modify the tone of your message, how would that impact the listener’s ability to hear your words?
I have spent the last six years supporting my clients to refine their marketing messaging and positioning for impact. If you’re tired of struggling to figure this out yourself and are ready to work with an expert who does this for a living, let’s have a conversation. It’s not rocket science but there are an art and science to knowing how to position your message for impact. The faster you sort out your marketing positioning in the marketplace, the easier your marketing will become and the faster you’ll be able to attract and convert more clients to grow your business.  
There is no getting around this, and there are no shortcuts. Mastering your positioning is one of the key building blocks to business success.  You and your business depend on it. 
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