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Two Actionable Steps for Making Your Social Media Stand Out Amid COVID-19

By Emma Sloan | Mar 03 2021

Social media: since COVID-19 began, everyone and their grandma and grandpa have been on it! Has that uptick in activity translated to increased online sales for some industries?


However, some business owners may be feeling tight around the collar when it comes to standing out amid this sudden wave of online competition as more and more businesses start turning to social media for marketing.

Do any of the questions below sound familiar?
  • “How do I drive sales using social media?”
  • “Why am I not reaching my target audiences on social media?”
  • “I post on my social media platforms when there’s a business update—why isn’t it enough to grow my brand?”
If any of these questions have crossed your mind (or escalated during COVID-19!), don’t worry: you’re not alone.

Today, we at Art Fresh wanted to share our top two actionable steps that will help make your social media stand out amid COVID-19 (and after the business has stabilized worldwide!) The best part? You can start implementing them today; no special skills or tools are needed!

COVID-19 Social Media Step #1: Don’t Stop Posting!

It may sound obvious, but consistency is key when it comes to businesses optimizing social media… especially during COVID-19.


Posting consistently on your business’s social media platforms:
  • Builds familiarity with your target audiences—and remember, familiarity bolsters trust, brand loyalty, and sales!
  • Boosts the rate at which your posts are seen because of social media algorithms.
  • Gives you reliable analytics to draw from, such as best times to post and which kinds of content your audience responds the most positively to.
  • Provides you with the opportunity to thoroughly communicate with your audiences
Looking to start now? Dedicate one hour to scheduling your business’s next five day’s worth of social media posts on a minimum of one social media platform.

After that? Check back at the end of the week to measure your results! (And remember: responding to direct messages and comments is a great way to reward your audiences for engaging with your content, so, if you have the time, be sure to respond to their questions and comments!)

COVID-19 Social Media Step #2: If You Haven’t Considered Video, Now’s the Time to Start!

Video gets a bad rep for being time-consuming and just generally daunting for first-time filmers—but with social media, it’s now as easy as going live on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube with the click of a button!

Since video streaming has increased by 12% since the COVID-19 was first implemented, taking advantage of that by jumping online for a five-minute Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube live will have myriad benefits. “Like what?” you may be asking.
  • As of 2019, video is the best-performing content type on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. What does that mean? Well, social media content with a video receives an average of 48% more views!
  • Your audiences want to get to know you, the face of your business, so connecting with your target audiences personally can lead to an uptick in engagement, brand loyalty, and web traffic.
  • Videos are easy to repurpose! Simply download your live video after you’ve finished filming and post it to your other social media platforms for your audiences to enjoy!
If you’re looking to help your business stand out on social media amid COVID-19 but don’t have a video topic in mind, our go-to recommendation is to compile your customers’ most frequently asked questions relating to your business’s COVID-19 protocols and hop on a Facebook live to go through them!

Not only will you be putting a face to your brand, but you’ll also be providing instant value to your customers that will have the added perk of being highly visible on every social media platform.

Is your business struggling to stand out on social media amid COVID-19? Reach out today at (902) 394-7272 or info@art-fresh.ca; we would be happy to help you develop a social media marketing plan!
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