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Trade Show – An Important Venue For Your Marketing & Advertising

By Art Fresh
A trade show has immense potential to catapult a small business into the limelight if it expertly showcases your business with a blitzkrieg of smart, savvy and sleek marketing. First, plan the basics: pre-show emails/phone calls, social media, marketing/outreach. These alert customers and potentially lead to your presence, location and any updates regarding the show. Plan your objectives, budget, and expectations realistically and measurably and stick to them. Keep updating the latest turn-of-events, such as giveaways. Constant interaction with attendees keeps the focus on your brand and addresses latecomers. >

Top Secrets to Building an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

By Art Fresh
What kind of marketer gives away all their secrets? We are.

The digital space is so vast that we believe that there’s room for all of us. We could list 100 tricks and hacks or reveal just 1; the real secret to social media marketing success depends on the execution. We’re merely providing you with the tools; how you put your creative spin on them to edge out the competition is entirely up to you.

Here are our top 5 tips for crafting an effective social media strategy that if done right, will attract traffic, expand your reach, build brand awareness, and boost your sales. >

What is the secret of successful marketing?

By Art Fresh
Before you do any marketing of your products or services, ask yourselves the three essential questions that your prospective clients usually have in mind. >

When do I really need marketing?

By Elena Herweyer
We often hear from our clients: “Do I really need marketing if all is going okay in the business and I have reasonable sales?” Most business owners decide to do marketing and invest in advertising only when they see their business slowing and it is necessary to increase sales fast. >

Two Actionable Steps for Making Your Social Media Stand Out Amid COVID-19

By Emma Sloan
Social media: since COVID-19 began, everyone and their grandma and grandpa has been on it! Has that uptick in activity translated to increased online sales for some industries? Absolutely! However, some business owners may be feeling tight around the collar when it comes to standing out amid this sudden wave of online competition as more and more businesses start turning to social media for marketing. >

Yes! You CAN grow your business in crisis

By Elena Herweyer
Closed offices, scary news about new cases of COVID-19 and social isolation — we all know what it is because we all are in the same boat! For how long? Nobody knows, but this forced break can be a great time for entrepreneurs to create new opportunities for business!  >

6 Persuasive Communication Tips for Your Marketing Strategy

By Art Fresh
Thinking that manipulation is the same as persuasion is a common misbelief. You're reading this because you want to capture people's attention and build a brand. Persuasiveness is exactly what helps us communicate more effectively, and we wouldn't be able to build anything without it. >

Why You Should Still Include Print Advertising in Your Marketing Strategy

By Elena Herweyer
Some people in marketing are questioning the relevancy of print advertising in this digital age and asking if they should still include it in their branding and marketing strategy.

Think about it; when was the last time you flipped through the pages of a magazine or opened up a newspaper? Our best guess is when you were waiting in your dentist’s lounge or when a fresh paper came with your hotel room service breakfast. Building a brand image that is powerful and creating brand awareness is undoubtedly your key concerns. Before you focus all your efforts on developing a digital marketing and branding strategy, it may surprise you to learn that print is far from being obsolete. >

An Insightful Marketing Lesson Learned from a Park Bench

By Michela Quilici
I met up with my friend and colleague Pauline recently. I hadn’t reconnected with her in a while, so we decided to meet up for a long-overdue catch-up. >

The Secret to Unlocking Effective Marketing Communication

By Michela Quilici
Have you ever felt like you are crystal clear about who you are, what you offer and who you want to serve, but somehow there is a disconnect between what you know and what other people understand? >

Create Marketing Ideas for Big Profits on a Small Budget

By Elena Herweyer
A small budget should not limit the creativity of your marketing ideas for business.

On the contrary, guerrilla marketing* strategies can offer ample creativity to the most meagre of budgets. These strategies have a surprise or memorable element, which increases the curiosity of the customer and thereby offers the potential of getting free publicity through word of mouth or media engagement. The aim of guerrilla marketing is to do something fun, non-traditional and memorable. >

Developing a Unique Marketing and Branding Proposal for Products

By Elena Herweyer critical aspect of product marketing is to determine the unique selling proposition and present it as having advantages over its competitors. The initial most effective first step is to have factual, in-depth product knowledge. Only by knowing the product well, you can make it sell. You should also thoroughly understand your target audience/segment and tweak your marketing strategy accordingly. Familiarity with the expectations and desires of consumers of a particular product will capture the interest and maintain the business of your customers. >

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