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Is your website working well for your business?

By Elena Herweyer
Does your website reflect your brand image?
Do you know-how is important to create a unique brand identity to be competitive in the market? Your branding is the combined effect of all the visual elements in your marketing strategy. From your website and brochure design to your business card to a professional invoice, everything is responsible for creating an effective brand identity. >

Company Website Design Secrets to Captivate Your Audience

By Art Fresh
When visitors visit you on your social media account or your website for the first time, the question is if they will be compelled to stay and have a look around or hit that back button.
Your visitors’ eyes do most of the deciding, so you need to give them a visually captivating and effortless experience to capture their attention. We have seven website design ideas to include in your brand strategy to help you improve your website and make the best first impression that will make your audience stick around and keep coming back for more. >

The Right Web Design Facilitates a Brand Identity

By Art Fresh
In a digital world, a persuasive online presence is a key to success. A uniquely created brand identity, appearing consistently and professionally across traditional and online touchpoints, can generate a boost in sales and profit margins. >

Why You Need a Landing Page

By Elena Herweyer
The landing page is the site where the visitor lands when he/she clicks on a search engine link or an ad/email link. Consider every visitor to your site as a potential lead/customer/sale. The landing page is not to be confused with the home page. Depending on your business, your landing page could be designed to just capture information about the enquirer or to entice them to subscribe to a service or to a financial commitment. >

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