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The Cherry Town is a modern cottage town that is situated in the Kyiv region on 20 hectares of land. It contains 53 cottages and 12 townhouses. The lots range in area from 25 to 85 acres. The vast territory allows the town to implement a variety of solutions in the field of landscape design. The Cherry Town features a unique architectural style combined with a tailored approach to design solutions for each residence. Fully developed infrastructure, which can be compared with a metropolis like Kyiv, is in place. European experts have recognized the water in The Cherry Town to be one of the finest in Europe as it enters the homes from a 230 meter deep well.


To develop a logo design and branding for the presentation of exclusive residences in the local market. A corporate style must be created in order to deliver the brand message of a modern cottage town with a unique location in Kyiv’s suburb and the advantages afforded to architectural projects.


The idea for the new branding was based on the brand name “The Cherry Town.”  The colour combination of gold and purple created a “premium style” brand identity design. A map served as the main identifier and key image on all print marketing materials.


The Cherry Town received a new logo design and an attractive brand identity that reflected the unique concept for the new cottage town. The branding that was organically implemented in the booklets and brochure design showcased the cottages in an attractive fashion to consumers. The solid branding allowed the project to gain a strong presence with developers of elite property in Kyiv.
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